Who am I?

Greetings friends. I would like to tell you a little about myself, my training, and how I came to offer the work I do. My approach will be more personal than you might find in a normal bio. There is also a more conventional bio below.

During my youth I always loved music, especially exploratory improvisational music. I was also interested in the inspirations and philosophical truths behind religious teaching. I envisioned living in a world where people treated each other with kindness and respect, and lived in harmony with the world around them. However, these interests seemed at best hobbies, and often more like a hidden fantasy world.

Meanwhile I received a strong intellectual education. I went to boarding school at Phillips Exeter Academy, and then I went on to Amherst College. At Amherst I studied literature and creative writing, and eventually received my B.A. in English. However, during my last two years, my deeper interests became more clear to me, and I studied eastern spiritual teachings and philosophy with famed Buddhist scholar, Robert Thurman, and world music with ethnomusicologist, David Reck. I also began to get involved in the local music scene.

After graduation, I continued in this direction, setting the course for years to come. As a musician, I got involved in working with dancers. I continued my investigation of eastern spiritual traditions, and I began to study a variety of therapeutic and personal growth modalities. During these years, I also became the father of two wonderful sons. Raising them, and eventually home schooling them, became very important to me.

My entire adult life has been devoted to exploring the interface between creative expression, spiritual inspiration, and human community. I love music; I love movement and dance, I love my family and my planet, I love Spirit, and I love supporting others to live their own heart’s vision. My greatest joy is to experience the divine in daily life. I have been blessed with a loving family and a supportive, creative community life. I have always believed it is possible for the entire human community to find a way to live in harmony. However, this belief is challenged by the level of conflict and unnecessary suffering on this planet, and I have struggled to know how to implement my vision, As a result I have become increasingly concerned with learning how to manifest an achievable, positive future on this beautiful earth.

Eventually, I went to graduate school to look more deeply into this vision, and earned a M.A. degree from Vermont College in creativity studies and comparative religion. I continue to study and develop my skills as a teacher, counselor and coach. I still believe that we can manifest a sustainable and healthy society for all of us, creating a future where cooperation, creativity, and love triumphs over fear and division. If we do not believe this is possible, we are essentially dooming ourselves. All my work with music, movement, teaching, coaching and writing is devoted to this vision. I seek to communicate and share a gift of inspiration, creative freedom, and healthy loving community. For more information, see my formal bio below.

John Sprague's Bio

John Sprague is a multi-faceted musician, creativity explorer, life coach, and contemplative thinker, based in the Pioneer Valley of western Mass.

As a musician John specializes in improvisational music for contemplation, creative movement and dance. He works for the Five College Dance Dept., Amherst MA and performs in improvisational settings around New England. John has released four albums of original music. His 2002 CD release, Moving Spaces, was nominated by JPFolks, a large independent music organization, for best instrumental album of the year, and one of the pieces on the album, “Early Sun,” won 3rd prize for best instrumental piece of the year.

In his MuseWorks practice, John works with individuals and groups as a coach and counselor, supporting their creative processes and life journeys. He leads workshops in creative and spiritual Self-expression, and is an interfaith minister, performing alternative wedding ceremonies.

John is also a contemplative thinker and philosophical writer. He is currently completing a book about the Tao Te Ching, and has several other works in process.

John received his B.A. in English at Amherst College, where he studied Eastern religions with well-known Buddhist scholar, Robert Thurman, and studied world music with David Reck. He received a Masters degree from Vermont College in Comparative Religion and Creativity Studies, focusing on the relationship between creative inspiration and spiritual inspiration, as understood in various mystical traditions. He has spent a lifetime exploring the path of personal and spiritual growth, and is trained in a variety of holistic therapies, and coaching techniques. (For more on John’s coaching training see the MuseWorks page.)

John homeschooled his sons for their secondary school years, and during the process of supporting them to follow their own creative passions, he discovered his love of coaching others. His older son, Tibet, is now a cutting edge software designer and entrepreneur, and his brother Miro is an award-winning jazz pianist and composer. Please feel free to be in touch with John about any of these topics. Peace!