MuseWorks Coaching with John Sprague, M.A.

Services and fees:

Creativity Coaching / Life path counseling

* Coaching / counseling by the month --
includes four weekly sessions by phone, or in person, plus email or extra phone support.
Three month contract $750
* Single sessions (75 min) $75

Life Readings / Soul Renewal

(2 hours +)

Music Sessions

improvisations, create your own music

Academic / Writing / Homeschooling Support


In general my work is based on a $60 / hour rate.
This reasonable rate has been set in order to serve some of my clientele, which includes many artists, students, people in transition, and seekers.
If you can afford more, you will help support my lower income clients.

In practice, the specific details of how we work together, and what it will cost, are negotiable. I am flexible to match your needs!

Call 413-259-1304 or Email