Improvisational music for movement, dance, and contemplation.

"Thank you so much for this album, it came out fantastic!"

- Kendra Fehrer, yoga practitioner and activist

Moving Spaces

"I've been playing a couple of John's pieces almost exclusively for my personal movement workouts!"

- Steve Leicash, master drummer

Moving Spaces is John's second cd designed for movement exploration, modern dance classes, and contemplative listening. In addition to John's flutes, piano and world percussions, the music features an outstanding complement of musicians and instrumentation including Peter Jones on percussion, Stephen Katz on cello, John Cantallini on guitar, Jim Flynn on bass, and Miro Sprague on keyboards. The music was developed improvisationally, providing a broad pallete of sounds and moods in which to explore. Percussive grooves, haunting flutes, keyboard improvisations, and tasty guitars inspire the spirit to dance, journey, and create. Meters and tempos are provided with the CD to help dance teachers make quick choices in class.

Sample clips:

2. Early Sun - Dance
3. Requiem
7. Dance of the Bird Tribes
8. Jamtana

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Improvisational World Music for dance and other joys. Produced by John and fellow musician Peter Jones, performing together on world percussions, flutes and ocarinas, marimba, piano, and organ.

Dancing Worlds


-- Daphne Lowell, professor of dance, Hampshire College


-- Debra Waldron, founder, Stillpoint School of Massage

Arising from years of work creating music for dancers, "Dancing Worlds" is a haunting hour-long musical journey, which works beautifully for modern dance classes, creative improvisational movement, inner journeying, and everyday listening. It features resonant percussion grooves, magical wind improvisations, and contemplative piano. Includes upbeat jazz/groove jams, primitive ceremonial drum and flute dialogues, sinuous rhythmic ensemble pieces, and rich piano and flute improvisations.

Sample clips:

3. The Village
9. Worlds Above
11. Marindia
12. Evocation

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Searching For Peace

John's first solo release, a contemplative and deeply felt musical meditation on the journey to peace, personal and global. Instrumental pieces and songs in a folk/jazz style, featuring piano, vocals, and inspired flute improvisations.


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