John Sprague
Keyboards, Lead Vocals,

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Tao Jam

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Don Chappell
Drums, Percussion


Michael Bloomfield
Guitar, Perc.


Jim Flynn
Bass, Backup Vocals

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Who We Are

Tao Jam was a jam-rock band from Western Massachusetts. After ten fun years playing together and performing at parties, cafes, festivals, and various celebrations, recently we have more or less disbanded. Luckily we made a strong album, so you can still hear us play. Though we never aspired to hit the big time, we made some good music, especially our collective improvisations. Our style featured original groove tunes, mostly written by John, in the heritage of such bands as Traffic, The Grateful Dead, The Doors, and the Allman Brothers. We also played covers from some of our favorite musicians especially the Dead and Bruce Cockburn, along with a couple classic jazz tunes. For a few years we were known as the Other Side, and then changed our name to Tao Jam. When we released our CD, we honored our past by slyly titling it Greetings From the Other Side.

You can listen to clips from the CD, and order it online below. Though the band is history, the CD represents one facet of John's creative work. Check it out and please enjoy.


A generous 72 minute set of our original improvisational

Greeting from the  Other Side

Solid grooves provide the foundation for a dynamic interplay of guitar, bass, percussion, keyboards, and winds.
Also features some poetic lyrics including two by the great Sufi poet Hafiz.

Credit Card Ordering: You can listen to clips of the album and order online at

Mail Ordering:

Greetings From the Other Side

$10.00 + $2 S&H

Send name, address and check for $12 made out to "John Sprague" to:
John Sprague
188 Baker Road.
Amherst, MA. 01002

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Tao Jam is now history, though we may get back together for a reunion from time to time. Check back here, or keep in touch by email.

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