Sunyata and Creativity

Sunyata is a term from Buddhism meaning emptiness, openness, and no-thingness. Sunyata signifies that the universe is an open space of unlimited creative potential, and that no thing exists in isolation. Rather all things are interconnected and part of the larger flow of the universe, just as waves in an ocean are not actual "things" but simply part of the whole ocean.

Sunyata is essential in all creativity. The beginning of Genesis describes how the spark of creation arises from the formless void. Thus do all the things in the universe manifest from emptiness as sparks of the universal energy or spirit. The human artist mirrors this universal creative process. The visual artist begins with the empty canvas, the dancer with the open floor, the musician with silence, the thinker with an open mind. Creation arises from the open space of consciousness through the spark of inspiration.

In my own creative process, inspiration manifests best when I empty myself into a state of openness and receptivity, allowing creative expression to arise spontaneously. Improvisation is at the heart of my music and dance, and my approach to teaching creativity. Like waves rippling in the ocean, improvisational creativity is a dance of pure energy in the ocean of sunyata. All my creative products arise as inspirations from sunyata.

This is Sunyata Productions.

Committed to communicating through music and teaching, an experience of creative freedom and inspiration -- a vision of openness, joyful possibility, and spiritual liberation for all beings.

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